Jack Peterson: www.jackpeterson.info
  • B.A. Finance & Accounting - Northwest University.
  • PHP Developer.
  • I.T. Professional favoring Linux (CentOS/RHEL).


I'm Jack Peterson.

I am:

  • A Husband to my lovely wife Amber.
  • A father to my beautiful daughter Sofia
  • An ITO Migration and Implementation Manager by day.
  • A PHP developer by night.
Jack and Amber Peterson

Recent development projects

Name Platform Description
TPReferral WordPress Track where website visitors come from. Integrates with Gravity Forms to provide marketing information concerning where users initially arrived from. Used to determine which marketing channels are most efficient when data is integrated with a CRM.
TPGeoSMS WordPress Integrates SMS messaging service with Gravity Forms (used to send N closest stores to an individual based on their zip-code).
Education Platform Zend Framework 1.x Provides the capability to create, organize, and deliver training material regardless of the format of the content (audio, video, files) organized into courses. Includes user authentication, authorization.
PMO Reporting Zend Framework 1.x Provides multi-datacenter custom reporting capability for a multitude of devices. Integrates with VMWare VCenter's API, Hitachi HSCR (SAN capacity reporting), Hitachi Tuning Manager (SAN performance reporting [IOPS/RW Latencies]), SavvisStation.com, and other data providers.

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